Get Paid To Play Games

Get Paid to Play Games – How to Make Money as a Gamer

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Get Paid to Play Games – How to Make Money as a Gamer

For many gamers, getting paid to play video games sounds like a dream job. Luckily, there are legitimate ways to earn money by gaming in your free time from home. Opportunities like game testing, streaming, tournaments, and selling accounts allow you to profit from your gaming passion.

Game Testing & Feedback

One direct way to get paid by game companies is to become a video game tester. Testers help identify bugs, evaluate  Get Paid To Play Games usability and give critical feedback during development. The most common ways to get involved with game testing include:

– **Professional game testing companies** – Companies like Keywords Studios, G4E, and VMC hire testers to work from home testing games for big clients like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft. They require owning a PC or console and high-speed internet. Testing pays $10-$20 per hour depending on the client and project.

– **Beta testing** – Signing up for closed betas of upcoming games through platforms like Testflight (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Feedback is open-ended and used by devs to improve the game before launch.

– **Early access testing** – PC games on Steam and other platforms frequently have open paid early access periods where you can play in-development versions and submit bug reports directly.

– **QC testing “grind” apps** – Apps like BugBytes have you test short game demo clips for bugs. You earn small amounts per test that add up over time.

Getting involved as a tester requires meeting minimum tech specs, having strong analytic skills and providing constructive criticism. But it allows gaming enthusiasts to shape future games and get rewarded.

 Live Streaming Games for Money

Live streaming gameplay on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, etc. can also be monetized in several ways:

– **Tips & donations** – Viewers can donate money during streams as a tip to show support and get reactions. Popular streamers frequently get large donations.

– **Ad revenue sharing** – Services like Twitch Partner Program share ad proceeds from your streams once you reach certain viewership milestones.

– **Sponsorships** – Big streamers ink deals to promote products, game releases or services on their streams.

– **Merchandise** – You can create and sell branded merch including t-shirts, mugs and more featuring your channel’s logo and designs.

– **Subscription revenue** – Fans pay monthly fees for perks like sub-only chat, emotes and behind-the-scenes content.

Building a large viewership takes significant time and commitment. But for gaming enthusiasts, streaming gameplay, interacting with fans and getting paid in the process is an attainable goal.

 Competing in Tournaments

From casual online events to major professional esports circuits, video game tournaments award prize money and can become an income stream. Some popular tournament options include:

– **In-game competitions** – Games like Fortnite host tournaments daily/weekly within the game client with cash prizes.

– ** Community tournaments** – Amateur tournaments hosted through sites like ChallengeMe.GG, FaceIt and Uprise.GG with smaller cash prizes.

– **College esports** – Scholarships and tourney winnings are available through collegiate leagues and varsity programs.

– **Pro circuits** – Top players compete in prestigious pro leagues like EVO, Capcom Pro Tour for fighting games or championships for shooters and MOBAs offering massive payouts.

Pursuing competitive gaming full-time requires tremendous dedication. But participating in tournaments part-time or building a collegiate path can be lucrative.

Selling Virtual Items & Accounts

Dedicated gamers can earn real money trading in-game items, currencies and accounts in player marketplaces:

– **Sell in-game items** – Farm rare items or currency then sell them to other players for real money through secure intermediaries.

– **Account selling** – Level up characters, accumulate rare items then sell your account to players looking for a head start.

– **Power leveling services** – Other players pay you to level up their characters and accounts quickly.

This gray market approach has risks like getting banned. But sites like PlayerAuctions provide safe peer-to-peer transactions which bring in side income for skilled players.

 Common Questions

**How much can you realistically earn?** For testing, expect $10-$30 per hour on average. Streaming income starts very small, but top streamers earn $500K+ yearly. Selling goods depends heavily on the game.

**Do you need special hardware?** Entry-level testing just requires meeting minimum system requirements. Streaming requires a capture card and high-end PC. Earning through tournaments needs competitive-grade hardware.

**Is it steady income or fluctuating?** Testing and streaming see surges and declines. Tournaments are periodic. Selling items fluctuates based on supply/demand in the game.

**Can anyone get paid to game?** Testing and streaming have fairly low barriers to entry. Tournaments and selling items requires being highly skilled at specific games.

**Is it considered real, taxable income?** Yes, any money made by gaming is taxable income that should be reported. Streamers and pro players must file taxes on earnings.

While turning gaming into a full-time career requires tremendous skill and effort, there are avenues for anyone to earn side money doing what they love in their spare time. Consider testing games, streaming casually, selling items or grinding tournaments. Your gaming skills and passion can be monetized!


From game testing to competitive esports, there are a variety of legit and accessible ways for gamers to earn money from their hobby. With some research on how payouts work and commitment to building your gaming resume, you can get paid to play on the side. While becoming a rich professional streamer has a high barrier, any dedicated gamer can find a niche that matches their skills, platform preferences and goals. So explore all the options, pursue paid gaming gigs that excite you and enjoy making money while gaming!

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