How to Change Business Name On Facebook

How to Change Business Name On Facebook

Every month, an estimated 2.3 billion users use social media sites worldwide; that equates to 30 percent of humanity. They use it both for connecting with old acquaintances as well as How to Change Business Name On Facebook discovering brand new ones; some 40 % of online users claim that social media helps them research products they would like to purchase and a further 40% rely on it as research sources for new brands they need to discover.

Facebook for Business pages are essential when it comes to engaging customers on social media, if your organic posts or ads attract people who become customers, so ensuring your page has the necessary details could save your business from dissatisfied customers, confusion or losing sales altogether.

Name your Facebook for Business page appropriately to make sure it resonates with potential customers, and it could prove pivotal if you decide to rebrand or change ownership, you may need to alter its name on Facebook as part of this process.

If your Facebook for Business page’s name doesn’t accurately reflect your business’s name branding, image or other forms of social media promotion efforts, follow these steps to make this necessary halkalı escort change.

Can You Alter the Name of Your Business on Facebook?

Renaming Your Company on Facebook How to Change Business Name On Facebook  can be easy, though any unwarranted changes should be avoided as Facebook limits your ability to make this change every 60 days.

Change should never disrupt your method for generating leads. For instance, altering the name of your company could affect its URL on Facebook; when updating Facebook profile make sure all platforms require updates as well so your online identity stays uniform.

If you want to change your name on Facebook, in order to do so the appropriate page role must be assigned – for most small-business environments this would typically be either the owner of the business or person responsible for creating the account. You can manage these settings either through The Meta Business Manager or directly within your own account.

Can You Alter the Name of Your Business on Facebook?


What if it is impossible for you to change the name of your company?

Sometimes it can be challenging to change your name on Facebook and be denied by them. There may not be much you can do at this stage, however if your name change meets with their rules you could potentially appeal their ruling and try again.

If you’re making a drastic name change, Facebook might prevent you from doing it as it could appear too “incongruous” to your customers. To bypass this issue, implement gradual name changes over two distinct phases within 14 days and inform clients that Facebook only permits incremental name changes during this process – it may feel unnerved but is an effective solution to bypassing its system.

Modifying your page category is one way of making changing the name of your company on Facebook simpler. Your category information can be found on the “about” page; if your proposed name better represents an entirely distinct class, consider editing its category first before changing its name; this way you’ll have an opportunity to identify your goods or services more accurately and establish brand recognition with customers.

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Pros and Cons of Changing your Business Name on Facebook

Name your Facebook business account after its name of choice: There are various factors that will have an effect on its name selection process and it’s essential that you understand their effects on both short- and long-term performance. Some reasons to consider changing it:

Rebrand Its Not necessary punctuation. Change capitalization. Add extra details regarding the name.

Steps for changing your company’s name on Facebook

Go to your business’s webpage or Meta Business Manager account.

Select “General Setting of the Page”.

Simply click “Change Name”.

After entering a new name, choose “Review Changes”. Log in with your password, then confirm the changes with another step.

Once Facebook has verified your change request, your name will be altered immediately. Typically this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes; just keep in mind that they only permit one modification every 60 days; double-check all information entered is accurate before submitting.

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