Welcome to OfficeMax – your go-to place for anything you need for your office. It is just like your personal helper for making your workspace awesome! Whether you’re a business or just want cool office stuff, OfficeMax is here for you. Let’s explore together – we’ll look at the history, what they have, and how they make your office experience better!”

History of OfficeMax:

So, back in 1988, two friends named Bob Hurwitz and Michael Feuer had this idea to create a place where people could get all their office stuff in one go. That’s how OfficeMax started in Cleveland on April 1, 1988. It was a time when people did not get things quickly, and it is today.

The first store opened on July 5, 1988, in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Bob and Michael were onto something good, and they wanted to make it easy for folks to find and buy the things they needed for their offices.

As the years rolled on, OfficeMax grew bigger. They didn’t just stick to selling pens and paper; they added all sorts of things like furniture, cool tech gadgets, and even stuff for schools. They were like your one-stop shop for anything related to making your workspace awesome.

Fast forward to 2013, when OfficeMax joined forces with another big name, Office Depot. They decided to team up and become even better at helping people with their office needs. After that, they became a sort of dynamic duo in the office supplies world.

OfficeMax: All Your Office Necessities in One Place

As part of the Office Depot/OfficeMax family, OfficeMax is a notable office supply retailer in the United States, offering a broad range of products for every office need. OfficeMax has developed to cater for the needs of different businesses and individuals as a brand and subsidiary of Office Depot since its merger in 2013.

Range of Products:

At Office Max’s stores, you will find a wide variety of office necessities, from office supplies and paper to ink and toner, breakroom supplies, cleaning products, technology gadgets, furniture, school supplies, printers and laptops. Customers can quickly get everything they need to make their workspace more productive.

Other Services:

Despite having an impressive array of products on offer, this company also goes further by providing some additional essential services. From print and document services through business solutions to facilities products and school essentials, OfficeMax is not just another retailer but a partner in your diverse professional and educational needs.

Mobile Payment Enabled:

All the OfficeMax stores are equipped with mobile payment options like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, MasterCard, Visa, American Express Discover, etc. A commitment to flexibility ensures that customers have an easy time when shopping securely with them.


Searching for ‘Office Max near me’ leads you to a place that has been a go-to for everything office-related since 1988. From small beginnings, it has grown into a big name for buying all sorts of office supplies, furniture, and tech. When OfficeMax joined with Office Depot in 2013, it got even bigger and better, offering more products and services than ever before. Today, whether you’re picking up paper and pens, decking out your office with the latest gadgets, or using their unique services for your business, OfficeMax makes sure you find what you need quickly and easily. With a focus on keeping up with modern ways to shop, like mobile payments, OfficeMax is all about making your shopping experience smooth and secure. They’re committed to being there for you, helping make your workspace great.


What types of products can I find at OfficeMax?

At OfficeMax, you can find a wide variety of office necessities, including office supplies, paper, ink and toner, breakroom supplies, cleaning products, technology gadgets, furniture, school supplies, printers, and laptops.

  1. What additional services does OfficeMax offer?

OfficeMax provides an array of additional services, including print and document services, business solutions, facilities products, and school essentials, aiming to be a comprehensive partner in your professional and educational journey.

How has OfficeMax adapted to modern shopping methods?

OfficeMax stores are equipped with mobile payment options like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, ensuring a flexible and secure shopping experience for all customers.

What happened to OfficeMax after the merger with Office Depot?

After merging with Office Depot in 2013, OfficeMax expanded its range of products and services, leveraging the strengths of both brands to provide an enhanced shopping experience for customers.

Can I shop at the closest Office Depot or OfficeMax online?

Yes, you can shop at OfficeMax online for a convenient shopping experience.


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