R2Park The Innovative Robotic Parking Garage System

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R2Park The Innovative Robotic Parking Garage System

Parking remains a major challenge in crowded urban areas around the world. R2Park offers an innovative robotic parking system that maximizes parking capacity in the smallest possible space. This automated garage concept is already being adopted in several countries.

What is R2Park?

R2Park is an automated robotic parking garage system designed by the German engineering firm Serva Transport Systems. It uses robotics and software to park drivers’ vehicles in stacked racks, allowing up to 5 times higher capacity than a conventional garage.

Instead of driving to a parking spot, drivers simply leave their vehicle on a pallet at street level. An autonomous robot then lifts and transports the pallet to store the car in a high-density storage rack until pick-up. This allows efficient use of space since there is no need for driving lanes or room to open doors.

R2Park garages can be built underground or above ground. The system is modular and can be expanded as needed by adding more racks.

How Does the R2Park System Work?

The R2Park automated parking process consists of 4 main steps:

1. Vehicle Check-In The driver parks their vehicle onto a street level pallet and removes any valuables.

2. Vehicle ScanningOn-board sensors scan the vehicle dimensions while cameras capture images for reference.

3.Storage Assignment The system assigns a storage slot in the rack based on vehicle size and turnover rate.

4.Robotic ParkingThe robot retrieves the pallet and loads it precisely into the assigned storage slot within the racking system.

When returning, the driver swipes their ticket at a kiosk and the robot fetches their vehicle in just 2-3 minutes on average.

Benefits of R2Park Automated Parking

R2Park offers numerous advantages compared to conventional parking garages:

– Saves up to 80% of space by eliminating need for driving lanes and access space.

– Stacks vehicles vertically up to 10 levels high for 500-600% more capacity.

– Quicker vehicle retrieval with robots working in parallel.

– Reduces parking structure construction costs per space.

– Flexible to add capacity since the structure is modular.

– Compatible ramp integration for mixed vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

– Safer environment without vehicle emissions and accidents.

R2Park Implementations Around the World

The R2Park system is already utilized in several countries:

GermanyFirst launched in Essen in 2001. Now installed in over 15 German cities.

NetherlandsRunning since 2011 in Rotterdam with capacity for 300 cars.

Switzerland R2Park in Zurich at Convention Center. Handles 60 cars per hour.

USARecently launched in 2019 in Los Angeles and Hawaii. Additional projects underway.

BrazilBuilt in Sao Paolo in 2021 as an automated bike parking garage for 700 bikes.

Many additional smart city projects are looking at R2Park to address growing urban parking demands.

Future Expansion Possibilities

Looking ahead, R2Park is well positioned for continued global growth in automated parking with several key opportunities:

Residential buildings Providing parking for apartment complexes and condominiums.

Mixed-use developmentsIntegrating parking into retail, office and residential spaces.

Airports and hotelsAccommodating parking near transportation hubs and hotels.

Urban retrofitsAdding structured facilities into confined areas through automation.

Fleet vehicle storageHigh-density parking for car sharing, taxis, delivery vans, etc.

R2Park’s flexibility suits many applications with constrained parking in fast-growing metropolitan regions.


R2Park exemplifies how robotics can help address everyday infrastructure challenges like parking scarcity in crowded cities. By using space vertically and minimizing fixed costs, automated systems like R2Park are poised to become a key piece of future smart city mobility solutions. Drivers around the world may soon experience the convenience of having their vehicles parked and retrieved by efficient robotic valets.

Frequently Asked Questions about R2Park

Here are some common questions about the R2Park automated parking system:

How big of a vehicle can R2Park accommodate?

R2Park can park typical sedans and SUVs. Larger vehicles like trucks may exceed the pallet and rack dimensions.

Is the R2Park system safe from breakdowns or accidents?

R2Park has redundancy designs with backup robots and safety systems to minimize any risk of vehicle damage.

Does weather impact the performance of R2Park?

R2Park garages are enclosed structures so operations continue unaffected by weather conditions outside.

Can R2Park be added to existing parking garages?

Yes, R2Park modules can be integrated into floors of conventional garages for a hybrid approach.

How does R2Park impact a building’s electrical load?

The robots and systems use relatively minimal energy. Some locations supplement with solar panels.

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