Sanchar Saathi Portal

Sanchar Saathi Portal

Through the Sanchar Saathi platform, which the State’s Department of Telecom presented on Tuesday, people may now restrict and trace their hijacked or lost cell phones throughout India. According to Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, consumers would be able to trace, restrict, and verify the legitimacy of used devices before making a purchase using the Sanchar Saathi Portal.

“Central Equipment Identity Register, or CEIR, is the first section of the Sanchar Saathi portal.” You can use this site if you misplace your cell phone. Identification and a contract will be required, and the portal will then quickly communicate with the carrier and police enforcement to disable your misplaced phone, according to Vaishnaw.

Vaishnaw’s statement on Sanchar Saathi platform:

He stated the fact that the Sanchar Saathi portal‘s features are in line with the Prime Minister’s straightforward goal, which emphasizes the importance of user safety.

The minister stated that the Meta-owned application has decided to suspend services associated with any cellphone number involved in illegal operations regardless of the steps the government is taking to prevent fraud via communications on WhatsApp.

Through our active engagement, WhatsApp has acknowledged that the security of its users comes first. According to Vaishnaw, “all OTT platforms have been working together to delete users who have been identified as fraud users.” According to him, 36 lakh cell phone connections have been disabled due to fraud, and their WhatsApp accounts have also been stopped.

Governmental reaction on Sanchar Saathi portal:


Before a cellphone is sold in India, the government has ordered that the device’s 15-digit distinctive numeric identity (IMEI) be disclosed.


The list of allowed IMEI numbers will be available to the mobile networks, allowing them to verify the presence of any unlicensed smartphones on their system.

In certain jurisdictions, CEIR is used to trace stolen or missing mobile phones. Telecom providers and the CEIR system will be able to see the device’s IMEI telephone and the associated mobile number.

One frequent practice is for thieves to alter the device’s IMEI code after snatching a cell phone to avoid tracing and banning those phones. With the use of several databases, CEIR will soon be capable of prohibiting any duplicated cell phones on the system.

Services of Sanchar Saathi portal:

The Department of Telecommunications, also known as the DoT, in the country of India launched the citizen-centric Sanchar Saathi site. It aims to encourage mobile users, enhance their safety, and raise public knowledge of government activities that are focused on the needs of citizens.

Mobile users may access a variety of services through the site, such as:

Verifying how many mobile connections have been authorized in their name

  • cutting off unnecessary cellphone lines
  • locating misplaced cell phones or blocking them
  • Verifying the authenticity of mobile devices

The CEIR module makes it easier to locate misplaced or stolen portable electronics.  The TAFCOP module assists in identifying and averting telecom fraud.

How to Use Sanchar Saathi portal:

For Indian mobile users, the Sanchar Saathi webpage is an essential resource. It offers several services that guarantee that customers are informed about the most recent government efforts and might help their privacy.

The following are the instructions for using the Sanchar Saathi opening:


Visit the webpage of Sanchar Saathi.

  • Select “Login” from the menu.
  • Put your password and cellphone number in here
  • Select “Login” from the menu.
  • Choose the service you wish to utilise.
  • Observe the guidelines displayed on the screen.


To find misplaced or stolen handheld devices, the CEIR module is an invaluable resource. Through the use of this module, users may report their damaged or lost gadgets, which in turn causes these devices to be blocked from all telecom providers’ networks. This guarantees that the stolen or lost gadgets in India become unusable. The moment someone tries to utilize a mobile device that has been restricted, traceability is created. After it is found, the residents can use the site to unlock the phone and resume using it normally.

Mobile users may keep an eye on how many connections are registered in their name by using the TAFCOP module. People can use this functionality to determine which connections are unauthorized or needless.

Benefits of Sanchar Saathi portal:

The Sanchar Saathi Portal is a cutting-edge project launched by the Ministry of Telecommunications that aims to empower mobile users, improve their security, and raise public knowledge of government programs. 

In addition to offering useful functions like disconnecting useless connections, tracing missing phones, and confirming the legitimacy of devices when making new or used purchases, this website helps users efficiently manage and keep an eye on the wireless connections that are registered under their names. The following are some advantages of utilizing our Sanchar Saathi portal:

  • The number of mobile links granted in your name can be verified.
  • Unused cellphone connections might be disconnected.
  • Cell phones may be tracked down or blocked.
  • Mobile device authenticity may be verified.
  • The most recent government efforts might be known to you.


Additionally, the “Keep Yourself Aware” feature on the Sanchar Saathi Website is a very helpful tool for users. This section offers the most recent information and educational resources on a range of end-user safety, telecom, and data security topics. Subscribers may be updated and made aware of any threats and security precautions linked to their cell phones by utilizing this option.

The State’s Department of Telecommunications’ dedication to enabling those who use mobile phones and fostering a more secure and safer setting for all users is demonstrated via the Sanchar Saathi portal. The site ensures that people have greater authority over their internet usage as well as their safety while improving the entire mobile user experience by offering such citizen-centric offerings and raising awareness.


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