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Technology is always changing, and keeping up with it can Tech winks be hard! That’s why we’re here. We have some fun and easy-to-understand tech tips that will help you keep your tech game strong.

Today we’re talking about different kinds of cords. Which one are you?

A) The USB Cord: Easy to use but limited in where you Tech winks can use it! It only works with devices that have a USB port like laptops or tablets, not on something like your TV or stereo which don’t have one.

B) The iPhone Charger: Works everywhere but takes forever to charge your phone! If you’ve got an iPhone then you know how long it takes to charge from 0%-100%, which means that if you want to use it while it’s charging then it will take even longer than usual because the power has to split between the two things instead of going all into just one thing at once like most other cables would do.

C) The Ethernet Cable: It does one thing really well but doesn’t do anything else! An Ethernet cable is great for connecting devices together over a network but they’re not as flexible or portable as some other types of cables might be (like a USB cord which can also be used for other things besides just charging stuff!).

Give Yourself a Tech Win Today

Today, I want to give myself a tech win by sharing some of the Tech winks tools and services that make my life easier as a busy working mom with two kids under five years old.

My favorite apps are: – Google Calendar: I use this to keep track of my family’s schedule, which includes appointments as well as when one kid is napping while the other one is awake or vice versa.

– Pocket: This helps me save articles and videos for later when I don’t have time to read them right away or don’t have enough bandwidth to stream them in real time.

– Amazon Prime Video: We’ve got an Amazon Prime Tech winks subscription so we can watch TV shows and movies on demand at any time—it’s so helpful when one kid is going to sleep and another one is waking up! It also means that we can avoid paying for cable altogether if we’re careful about what we watch during primetime hours (which isn’t hard since there’s not much on anyway).

– Google Photos: This helps me keep track of all the photos from birthdays, holidays, etc. because it automatically backs up everything from my phone so I don’t have to worry about losing anything if something happens to my device!

Custom Tech Gadgets

– An app that helps manage sleep cycles by analyzing the sounds in your bedroom (like snoring, talking, or barking dogs) and then providing personalized suggestions on how to improve them (like telling your partner to stop talking so loudly!).

– A set of wireless earbuds that automatically sync with each other when they’re within 20 feet of each other so you don’t have to worry about which one goes in which ear; this would be great for people who like running but hate having tangled cords around their neck while doing so!

Can’t find what you’re looking for

We make smart products for busy people. Our mission is to make your life easier through technology. We have an extensive background in software engineering and design, so we know how to make things simple.

We have an array of products available at varying price points, so there’s something for everyone!

– Smart Mirror: A thin transparent mirror that displays information like the weather or your calendar based on what you ask for (e.g., What’s today’s forecast? or What’s on my schedule?).

– Smart Pillbox: A pill organizer that lets you know when it’s time to take each medication based on its expiration date and when it was last taken.

Say goodbye to unplanned workdays

I’m a Tech Guru. I build customized tech gadgets for people who need an edge in their lives.

I have extensive knowledge of electrical engineering and programming, but at the end of the day, I’m here to make people’s lives easier.

My services include: -Building personalized devices for your needs-Upgrading existing devices-Teaching you how to use them properly

These are just some examples; if you can think it up, I can build it! Let me know what you need or want from your next tech purchase and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Tech Winks – Stylish Safety

Be aware of what you’re sharing on social media; sometimes what starts as a joke or an offhand comment can be taken out of context or used against you later on down the road (for example, if someone finds an old Facebook post where you made an insensitive remark about a group of people and then uses it as evidence that you’re racist).

Make sure to keep all of your devices updated with the latest security patches so that hackers can’t exploit any vulnerabilities in your software or firmware. Also make sure that any mobile apps you download from the App Store are from trusted sources like Apple themselves or their approved third-party vendors; otherwise, they might contain hidden malware which will try and steal your sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers!

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