What is a sugar daddy and why you don't want one

What is a sugar daddy and why you don’t want one

Many of you will already know what I’m talking about, others will think: a father of sugar? Well, almost, it’s not exactly sugar that they have. And the father thing, yes, it is because they could be your parents. In other words, a sugar daddy is an elderly person who dates teenagers and receives money in return. The typical 80-year-old man who has a very beautiful and young girlfriend. We do not doubt his love but we are sure that perhaps his bank account has a little to do with it.

But they are not only men, women are not far behind either, in addition to sugar daddies we have sugar mommies which is basically the same thing except that it is a lady and not a man.

If we look up the term in the Urban Dictionary, the street dictionary, we find that a sugar daddy is a boyfriend who comes with financial benefits. Sugar benefactors can help cover tuition, bills, and often enjoy bestowing gifts on their partners. Sugar daddies exist on three levels. The Splenda Daddy is at the lowest point. He promises to shower his partner with cash and gifts, but is often limited by his income. Then there’s Sugar Daddy, who has a budgeted amount of sugar funds that he allocates to his sugar partner on a weekly or monthly basis. The last one is a Honey Daddywhich is the cream of the crop. Your income is unlimited, and you can easily support multiple sugar avrupa yakası escort partners.

And what are young people who have a sugar daddy/mommy called ? Well, sugar baby , just like that. They are maintained by a person usually older and with money to start living in exchange for perks to achieve goals and a higher standard of living through their charms. In other words, the grandparents seek company and the young seek to cover all their whims without having to work.

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Sounds good: paid trips, first class flights, luxury hotels, spa sessions, luxury brand clothing… But how far are you willing to go? Perhaps these online pages to find this type of people are so fashionable because today’s society lacks values ​​and determination. If you are a sugar baby to be able to pay for your studies, you can also finance your studies with “normal” jobs.

It is clear that nobody likes getting up every day to work and fulfill your dreams, but those who want something have a hard time. So why don’t you start working on it? Imagine the satisfaction of not needing anyone to get everything you want so much. Imagine becoming your own sugar daddy.

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