Who is leaving days of our lives in 2023

Who is leaving days of our lives in 2023

Days of Our Lives, the long-running soap opera that has captivated audiences for decades, has witnessed its fair share of cast changes throughout the years. As the show continues to evolve, it is not uncommon for beloved characters to bid farewell, leaving fans both Who is leaving days of our lives in 2023 eager and anxious to learn who will be leaving the fictional town of Salem in 2023. In this article, we delve into the departures from Days of Our Lives, highlighting the actors and characters bidding adieu and the impact their exits may have on the show’s future.

Departing Actors and Characters:

John Black (Drake Hogestyn):

After an impressive tenure of portraying the iconic character John Black, Drake Hogestyn has announced his departure from Who is leaving days of our lives in 2023. Hogestyn’s portrayal of the charming and enigmatic John has captivated viewers for years, and his exit marks the end of an era on the show. Fans will undoubtedly miss his magnetic presence and the dynamic relationships he has built throughout his time in Salem.

Departing Actors and Characters:
Departing Actors and Characters:

Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller):

Marci Miller, who took on the role of Abigail Deveraux in 2016, has decided to pursue new opportunities outside of Days of Our Lives. Miller’s portrayal of Abigail, a complex and multi-layered character, has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fan following. As her departure Who is leaving days of our lives in 2023 looms, viewers can only wonder how the show will address the absence of such a central figure in Salem’s ever-unfolding drama.

Will Horton (Chandler Massey):

Chandler Massey, known for his portrayal of Will Horton, is set to leave Days of Our Lives in 2023. Massey’s portrayal of Will, a fan-favorite character who has undergone numerous trials and triumphs, has resonated with audiences worldwide. Will’s departure raises Who is leaving days of our lives in 2023 questions about the impact it will have on other characters, particularly his husband Sonny Kiriakis and their enduring love story.

Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk):

Stacy Haiduk, who has masterfully brought the devious and complex character Kristen DiMera to life, will bid farewell to Days of Our Lives. Haiduk’s performance as Kristen has garnered praise for its intensity and depth, making her exit a significant loss for the show. Kristen’s departure may leave a void in the villainous landscape of Salem and prompt a new power struggle among the remaining characters.

Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford):

Matthew Ashford’s portrayal of Jack Deveraux has captivated audiences for years, but the actor has announced his departure from Days of Our Lives. Jack’s character has evolved from a charming journalist to a pillar of support for his family and friends. As Ashford’s exit looms, fans are left wondering how the show will address the absence of this beloved and influential character.

Implications for Days of Our Lives:

The departures of these prominent actors and their respective characters are sure to impact the storyline and dynamics of Days of Our Lives. As the show navigates these changes, new opportunities arise for fresh faces and storylines to emerge. While bidding farewell to beloved characters is never easy, it allows for the introduction of new personalities and the exploration of uncharted narrative territories. This evolution keeps the show engaging and ensures its relevance for both long-time viewers and newcomers.


In 2023, Days of Our Lives faces a significant shift in its cast, bidding farewell to several beloved actors and their iconic characters. The departures of Drake Hogestyn, Marci Miller, Chandler Massey, Stacy Haiduk, and Matthew Ashford will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the Who is leaving days of our lives in 2023. As viewers brace themselves for these exits, they can also look forward to the potential for fresh storylines and the introduction of new characters. Days of Our Lives has proven time and again its ability to adapt and evolve, ensuring its longevity in the ever-changing landscape of soap operas. While the departures may be bittersweet, they open the door to new possibilities, keeping fans engaged and eager to see what the future holds for the beloved show.

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